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Payment method: Cash on Delivery


I'd like to provide c.o.d. as a payment method in Social Deals.


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Hi Dave,

Yes, we will add the ability to include a line break within the next updates.


Hi Daniel,

I am just wondering, is that possible to add the line break in Customer Message & Bank Description? Currently can't put the line break.

Thank you so much....


NVM...I just tested and it worked....Awesome, this is kind of help with payment situation. Daniel, I am just wondering it there a chance of able to add more fields in user billing or address area for future version?

Thank you so much......I love this script.....Thanks for the awesome support....


Hi Daniel,

Is this the right place " Enter the title which the user sees during checkout. "



When you updated the plugin to version 1.0.4, then you should see the option to rename it within Deals > Settings > Payment Gateways tab > Cheque Payment Settings.

There you can change the title for this payment.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the updates. How do I rename the cheque to something else? I can't find the place to rename it.

Thanks again :)


We released version 1.0.4 on November 26, 2013 and this version does contain the option to rename the cheque payments to whatever you like

and you also have the ability to mark these payments as completed. 

This should makes everything easier and you can use it as cash on delivery also.


Same for me.


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