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Multiple Review List’s Within The “Review Engine” Plugin

I have created an “event directory website” whereas I advertise different companies within different industries such as disc jockey companies, event planners, food service companies, and etc. I advertise each company on a separate page in Wordpress and I have also incorporated the “Review Engine” plug-in on each of the company pages as well so the public can get real feedback about each specific company.


On the “home” page of my website along with other pages I would like to show different things such as “Top Disc Jockey Companies” and “Top Venue Locations” although the short-code “Top Rated Content List” currently only accommodates 1 list.  


** Is it possible for you guys to create multiple “Review List” so I can then dedicate each list to a different event industry?


FYI: This idea was inspired by the “TripAdvisor” rating system they have incorporated within their website,

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