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Social SEO Pro & Review Engine NOT compatible with WP 4.3.1 Yet

Heads up on plugins and WP 4.3.1. Was having a problem having videos embed on posts in the new WP 4.3.1.

It would be there in the Post edit, but when you went to the actual post, it showed only the URL.

So, my first step was to check my plugins. In my case, it was 2 of the WP Social plugins - the ones I use on every site. Deactivated them, and all was good.

The plugins were Social SEO Pro and Social Review Engine.  Submitted a ticket already.

Could you please let me know if this problem is fixed? 

They had updated the 2 plugins and had me test them on my live site.  They fixed the problem and should be reflected in the updated plugin downloads.  Hopefully.

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Thank you very much! Tried to reply with my e-mail in it, but i guess that won't be posted. Could i see the plugin on your site in action? 

You could mail me at (if you dont want to share it in public):

meerdat gmail com

Again thanks allot!

I'd rather not disclose, no offense :D

I understand, thanks anyway! If you know someone who uses it and doesn't mind sharing it, feel free to let me know :)

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