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Change home page layout to be more modular

Hi everyone,

I'm building a custom theme for one of my daily deals websites, and want to be able to change the way the home page is displayed. 

I'd like to be able to turn off the offers displayed under the current deal. I'd like to be able to add that option separately, not as a part of the same code block, so that I could say, add something in between in HTML via the page editor on WordPress. 

I'd also like to be able to change the image sizes manually, so that they are not all distorted and causing my horrendous problems when it comes to keeping products lined up. 

On top of this, I'd like to be able to change the amount of deals displayed next to each other from 2 to 4, or possibly 5 per row. and have it effect only all deals, or deal by category or home page short code. 

I don't know whether to split this down into different feature requests, or keep it as one, as to me this is just one request to make things more modular. Obviously I could manually do this by editing the core of the theme and the plugin, but I'd really rather avoid doing that, especially when things like the image sizes, I'd like to keep automated in terms of processing as much as it is possible to do. 

Thanks guys!

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You can easily change any layout you like. Just copy the template folder from the deals engine plugin (deals-engine/includes/templates) and

paste it in to your theme's folder and then rename the template folder to deals-engine like yourtheme/deals-engine

Then you can change any layout or any design you wish and you won't lose anything when we release an update for the plugin.

I hope that helps.


I too am interested in this. I'm going to try what you suggest daniel, thanks!


Hey Daniel where do you go to change the layout? I followed your directions to the T. Do I have to edit the code or is there an option somewhere within the WordPress admin?

Hey Benjamin,

When you copied the files from the plugin in to your theme, then you can change all the css code in there. With custom css you can then change the layout to whatever you like.

Also with replacing some of the code, you could change the complete layout for all the designs, Deals front page as well as the Deals single page.

Thank you sir.

An automatic image editor that re-size's deal images would save a lot of time


Hi Ken,

"An automatic image editor that re-size's deal images would save a lot of time"

That's not possible, because this depends on the content size the theme uses and we have no ability to know them via the plugin.


Ok I see,  thanks for your reply Daniel

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