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Prepaid Card / Gift Card Features Extension

Hi guys,

I am just wondering if you're guys are planing to have the prepaid card extension for social deals? I would love to have them for gift care of as prepaid card option. Also, would be useful for country that don't have access for credit card or other payment options.


What do you mean exactly with prepaid cards? I only know the prepaid credit cards and they work then the same as a normal credit card.

Hi Daniel,

It's me again. What I meant was if deals site can generate the card number from the back end and sell the card to buyer. Kind of like department store card. They pay upfront and later we charge them on their card. That way we can make more sales, because people can also purchase the card for gift and etc to buy products from deals site. Kind of similar to this product.


I really like the idea, site owner can enter the amount and user can track it later for the balance.

Might be great plugin...It can bring lots of sales.

Thanks... :)


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