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Affiliate management extension to Social Deals

 I think an affiliate management extension for the Social Deals plugin would be a great addition specially since the sleek Deals Vendors front end is available.

It should integrate seamlessly with PayPal adaptive payments and let a Vendor set the commission level to be paid to the affiliates and how, I'm looking at something close to JVZoo here :)...

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Would be nice if there was an extention to integrate this plugin: with wpsocial. Could be another way to drive traffic to the site.


I am in a need for affiliate plugin as well.

This would be best selling plugin so it seems :)

It would be great to have the ability to assign affiliate role to some users and they can track commissions based on the people that comes from their affiliate link.

Hopefully this gets started very soon, it would make a massive difference to the amount of deals we could sell.


Let me look into the scope of this and get you some feedback

Im sorry to jump on this thread, but worryingly, the last response on here was 20 days ago, i think that is the most recent response i can see within the forum.

Ive opened up several tickets and not getting any response from developers. Im very concerned ive just purchased 2 premium plugins from a company that doesnt provide any support or assistance. 

Can anyone tell me if the support team is still active with this company?

I see Daniel, the developer of SEO boaster Pro hasnt promoted the product for a very long time now, whats the deal, whats happening, can i expect any kind of support here?

Any clues?

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