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Limit the linkedin acces scope

When asking people to connect via linked up to 8! dataimtes are asked acces to. Omang other: first and second degree network.

No one on earth will allow this kind of acces....

see for all acces that is required.

When pulling in someones LinkedIn photo, name (and maybe later jobtitle/organisation why also ask for network, groups, etc.?

I think only  r_basicprofile and r_emailaddress is necessary?

No one else interested? Without this I cannot use social reviews for B2B sites ;-(


I would like the same, but it is Linkedin that is forcing it to go to r_basicprofile.

I was selecting just r_emailaddress, but after saving, r_basicprofile is then checked automatically. 

This message sits underneath the selections, "

Selecting both r_basicprofile and r_fullprofile is redundant. r_basicprofile will be selected if neither r_basicprofile nor r_fullprofile is checked."

We will need to take it up with Linkedin.

I found sharing options (forgot where) where linkedin only asked acces for username and email, so its possible...



It is an option, but after you select and click save, it reverts back to still having r_basicprofile.

I contacted them, they just replied saying that's just the way it is, don't think they have any intention of changing it so I don't use linkedin for the site.


Hi David,
I see what you mean on 

this is a long thread with several solutions

- use the newest api and lib

- don't forget to go to your app settings in linkedin and upgrade you api to permanently accept users permissions. Without that, it will keep showing the basic dialog box regardless of the scope you ask for.

Also linkedin employees show a solution...

Tuff stuff, but should be working...


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