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Rating analysis


I'm using your theme and review engine and this is great.

However, i would like to have some kind of a basic rating analysis that can be displayed on the website.

for example, I want to display some additional info such as below

1)  How many people or % of users who voted positive/negative for a product (show it next to the product) (refer pos-neg.jpg)

2)  Top products  (we should be able to provide user to see top viewed/commented/rated products) in the side bar (refer most liked-viewed.jpg)

3) show about to be released products (and is it possible to make user click to show interest?) (refer: upcoming products.jpg)

4) show both the user and editor ratings for each product (refer : user-editor.jpg)

Can you please look into this

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Can you please let me know when this can be implemented?



Hi Kalyan,

What products are you referring to? WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, Deals Engine, WP e-commerce, Jigorshop etc?

1.) This could be integrated via the plugin.

2.) We don't have products within the review plugin, so that would be something which would need to be integrated with the plugin or theme which does provide the products. I mean most viewed or commented has nothing to do with our review plugin.

3.) This has nothing to do with our review plugin and would also have to be integrated via the plugin or theme which does provide the products.

4.) We already have an option where you can display the editor rating.


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