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Can review ratings also have an option to use a scale of 10?

I'll move this request here since it seems to have been missed when I posted it in the SEO Booster forum


I'm playing around with the free version, still testing it out (and having fun, I like this one).

I notice that for Reviews, you can only select "out of 5", but an Answer in Google Webmaster Tools says they support "out of 10", if you specify it, say "7 out of 10"

Could this be something added to future versions of WP SEO Booster, where a user can specify a "value" and "best" as they have in the example, instead of only selecting from a dropdown of fixed values?

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The biggest problem with that would be the integration and merging it with the 5 stars we have now. SO I don't think we will every change that to 10, sorry.

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