Google Plus Interactive Sharing is a new way of sharing content via Google Plus which is also integrated in Social SEO Pro. You have the ability to completely customize the look of the shared posts and you can also add a call to action to these posts shared on Google Plus. You can see an example of a Google Plus Interactive Sharing button on our site here at

Before you can start integrating that feature in to your site, you need to create a Google Client ID which you can learn how to do here.

Google Plus Interactive Posts Settings

After you created your Google Plus Client ID you can check the box "Activation" to activate this feature.

Show on Mobiles

You also have the ability to display the same button on mobile devices. To do so, just check that box to activate it. When you test that, you need to test it with a mobile device to see if it really works. Just re-sizing the browser doesn't show if it really works on mobile devices since the browser still recognizes a desktop device.

Google Client ID

After you created a Google Client ID, you need to enter the given ID within this settings.

Google Interactive Posts Prefill Text

With this option you can set a Prefilltext which will be taken, when a user shares your content on Google Plus using the Google Plus Interactive Sharing Button. See image below.

Google Interactive Posts Link

Here you could add a custom link which will then be taken for the content on Google Plus. With that feature you could send all users who click on the link within Google Plus to a specific page. If you leave that option empty, the plugin will then use the permalink to you content as link.

Button Action

Here you can give the button a default action. This button will be added to the shared content on Google Plus automatically. See image below.

Google Plus Interactive Sharing

You also have the ability to completely customize all these option within the meta box (Google Plus Tab) when you create your content.

The image, title and description you see within the image above, are also customizable within the meta box (Google Plus Tab).