The Local SEO options within Social SEO Pro lets you optimize your website for a Local Business. The plugin will automatically create a KML file as well as a GEO Sitemap. You can also submit the GEO Sitemap to Google using the Google Webmaster Tools.

To get that all working, you only need to fill out all the Business info provided within the Local SEO Settings Page.

Short Business Description

Within the Short Business Description you can also use HTML as well as images. To make it easy for you, we added the standard WordPress editor to that field.


The coordinates will be calculated automatically using the Google Map API. After you entered all the Business info within the settings page, click on "Save Changes" to receive the coordinates. Please check them and if they are ok, click on Save Changes again to get them saved.

Business / Contact Info

With the Social SEO Pro plugin you have the ability to Specify your customer service numbers to Google in the format they recommend. After you entered the information within the settings page the Social SEO Pro plugin will then automatically add the needed stuff to the Website's code (Home Page). The plugin will add every section you enter to the Website's Code. 

Example: If you enter the info for Customer Service and Technical Support, then the Plugin will automatically only add these two sections to the Website and also only the info you entered.

GEO Sitemap & KML File Settings

To create the GEO Sitemap and KML file you only need to fill out two fields. One is to give the file a title and the other one is to add an author to the file. After you have done that, click on the "Save Changes" button to save the settings. After you have done that, scroll to the top of the page and click on the "Create KML File" button. This will then automatically create a GEO Sitemap as well as the KML File.

After the plugin created these files successfully, you will see a link to both on these files within the Local SEO Settings Page (at the top of the page).


If the GEO sitemap or KML file hasn't been created, please go and update the permalinks within Settings > Permalinks (WordPress). This will make sure, that WordPress does recognize the new URLs to the Sitemap and KML file.