Google Structured Data/ Rich Snippets technology is a series of categorized elements which when formatted properly using the proper Microdata will send Google and other Structured Data enabled search engines your content, but in a highly optimized and specific way.  You see, microdata technology allows Google (and other search engines) to properly identify and categorize the content on your site without having to analyze if it is a specific type of content.

Here are the different types of Microdata that Google currently supports and their descriptions:


All of the above is great information, but might seem a little complicated.  We have made it easier by automating its use on your Wordpress blog using the WP Social SEO Booster Plugin.  Watch the Video below to see how to implement Google Structured Data (Rich Snippet) technology into your Wordpress blog for SEO using the SEO Booster plugin.


Setting Up Google Rich Snippets for SEO