You can easily output a list deals of downloadable products using the [edd_deals_by_status] short code. This short code accepts a variety of parameters that allow you to specify what deals are displayed, and how they are displayed.

To show deals with the default configuration, use this:



If you wish to modify this output, here is a list of the parameters:

  • active
  • ending_soon
  • upcoming
  • category
  • tag
  • numdeals

Choose Deals Status


- Active :
Check this box if you want to display Active Deals.


- Ending Soon :
Check this box if you want to display Ending Soon Deals.


- Upcoming :
Check this box if you want to display Upcoming Deals.

[edd_deals_by_status active="true" ending_soon="true" upcoming="true"][/edd_deals_by_status]


- Choose Deals type :

Select Deals type either based on taxonomy or based in Ids.

a ) Taxonomies : 

Deals Listing Taxonomy

a - 1 ) Choose taxonomy :

Select a taxonomy like category, tags.

a - 2 ) Choose Category / Tags :

Select category / tag that you want to display.

[edd_deals_by_status active="true" category="Foo"][/edd_deals_by_status]


b ) Ids : 

b - 1 ) Choose Deals : 

Choose one or multiple deals that you want to display.

[edd_deals_by_status active="true" ids="123,234" ][/edd_deals_by_status]


Number of Deals
Enter the number of deals you want to display. Leave it blank if you don't want to limit deals listing.

Style Template

It allows you to select any style template for this particular shortcode, Their three different style available in Social deals Plugin. For more Details visit this Deals Different Style Templates Article


After inserted shortcode it will look something like the one shown in the image below on frontend.